I Don’t Want To Wake Up At 5:30am!

So training to start the season hasn’t gone as well as I’ve hoped. I have a 5K race next week which I would like to win and I’ve only had a chance to run a few times, I have 60 mile bike ride on May 20th and have yet to get on my bike…or even put air in my tires (or take a spin class because I quit the gym!) I have a sprint triathlon in June and have yet to get in the pool (my bother-in-law Dan is probably going to beat me and he’s never even done one)…Not a good start to my season. I guess I have to come to the realization that you can’t really train for a triathlon while working 5 days a week, going to school at night, coaching a tennis team, trying to see Andy much as I can (he’s in bed by 8pm), and trying to make time to go out and spend time with Jess (she’s in bed by 9:30pm haha). I do have some time on the weekends but working out for 2 days in a row and then doing nothing for 5 isn’t what I call “training.”

Right now, my free time during the week is as follows: Monday nights, Wednesday nights, and the weekend. Monday night is my night with Andy because I get home early and Jess doesn’t get home till 9:30pm. So if I want to train, I need to start at 9:30 which means I won’t get to see Jess that night. That sucks. Tuesday night I’m in class and don’t get home till 10pm. Jess is sleeping already but I’m not starting to work out after 10pm. Wednesday night is ball night (balllll niiiight- Mike and Tony know what I mean). I guess you can say that I am working out because basketball is great exercise, but it doesn’t really help in the distance-running, biking and swimming departments…. “So don’t play ball….” My problem is I love playing ball on Wednesday nights with my friends. While I was training for the Half Ironman, I gave up ball (officially retired) because I didn’t have time to play and I was really nervous to injure myself and have all that training go down the tubes. I don’t want to be Brett Favre and keep retiring and un-retiring from the game and I’m not giving up ball night! Plus, now that tennis season started most of matches are scheduled for Wednesday nights so I barely get to play ball as it is! Thursday night is class again. Woohoo- there’s my week.

What? The gym opens at 5:30am and there is a spin class twice a week at 6?? Yea ok.

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One thought on “I Don’t Want To Wake Up At 5:30am!

  1. Cowboy up son!

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