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May the Force Be With You

While balancing such busy lives its important to find time just to relax and jump into small passions that are really designed just for your enjoyment.  As you can tell from this blog, most of our time is spent dedicated to our profession, education, family, cooking, significant others, kids that once in awhile you have to find something fun an enjoyable.   Preferably something that requires as little thinking as possible.

A personal passion point for me is I am addicted to Star Wars.  I have the movie series on blue-ray and when I have a few minutes just to do nothing I watch Star Wars. Thanks to XBOX Kinect which I mentioned in an earlier entry Stars Wars has delivered a new way for me to find a few minutes to myself…and by the way I can wield a light saber at the same time!

Kinect Star Wars allows you to podrace, try a ton of different capaigns, and whether you’re racing or in the middle of a lightsaber battle its tremendous fun.

You have to check it out and may the force be with you!


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